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In the Wonderful City of Quito, it can be found a variety of touristic places and activities to come and go and to enjoy during your stay in the city. Places that talk about the history of Quito, about their important culture, their diversity, their daily life, their nights, entertainment and patrimonies.

Starting with the North area of Quito, you can find a variety of touristic places. Such as the small town of Mindo, and the vast cloudy Forest, where you can experience extreme sports such as: Canopy, Canyoning, Biking, tubing and also where you can observe Birds and Butterflies. You also have to visit the waterfalls in this area.

If we continue discovering Quito we will find the famous and touristic “Ciudad Mitad del Mundo”- Middle of the World. This attraction is located 13.5 km. from Quito, was owned by the Government of Pichincha Province and is practically a tourist and commercial city, the smallest of Ecuador.


When entering the modern part of the city, you will appreciate places such as: Quito Botanical Garden is home of more than 5,000 plants of about 500 species. The vast majority are native to our country. Located in the center park area called La Carolina. On the other hand we have Quito’s Skyrail named in 2005 as the Teleférico, is the highest in South America. Starts at 2.950 m.a.s.l. and ends at 4.050 m.a.s.l. It reaches the top of Cruz Loma, adjacent to the Pichincha volcano.

Quito Zoo is located in the valley of Guayllabamba, is the most diverse zoo of animals in Ecuador. The family has grown, they are 250 animals and 56 species, and some are the result of exchanges with other zoos and most are animals rescued from trafficking. It is half an hour away from the city, and it can be an entertained activity to do it with the family. something that doesn’t have to be missed, in Guayllabamba, is to try the famous “Locro de papa” – Potato Soup, typical dish from the Mountain area of the country.