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A large wider description is given to the Downtown in the central area of Quito, which is better known as the Historical Center or Colonial Town of Quito and is the reason why Quito was declared Prime World Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO. We have a vast number of Magestic Churches to visit, that can not be missed such as: Iglesia de La Compañia, La Basilica del Voto Nacional, Iglesia de San Francisco, La Catedral Metropolitana, La Iglesia de El Sagrario, Iglesia de Santo Domingo, La Merced, and many others.

From this List of Churches it is important to let the tourist know that “Quito Cathedral” or Iglesia Museo Catedral Primada de Quito is considered one of the oldest churches in Latin America and is one of the largest religious symbols of spiritual value to the Catholic community in the city of Quito.

Once you are in this part of the city, it can be appreciated and must be visit “El Panecillo”. The Panecillo is a hill located in the heart of Quito downtown. From here, its location gives us a unique view of the city. This viewpoint is located at an altitude of 3035 meters. For Quito it represents the division between north and south of the city. Up in this viewpoint we can find the imagen of the Virgen of Quito, sculpture of 45 meters high, and it was built in 1976.

Among the options above to visit at the top of Panecillo, you’ll also find traditional food, restaurants, crafts, play areas for children.


Going back to Downtown Quito we cannot leave behind the most beautiful Galleries, Cultural Centers, such as: Contemporary Art Center, and its most distinguished Museums, such as: Museo de La Ciudad, Yaku, Mindalae Museum, La Capilla del Hombre, and more.

You can have a rest and have something to eat and see In the heart of Colonial Quito, in the Main Square: Plaza Grande or Plaza de la Independencia. Which is surrounded by four buildings that represent the elements of Quito society such as: The Presidential Palace, Archbishop’s Palace, the Cathedral of Quito and the Municipal Palace.

All these and more witll leave the turist with the desire of coming back and visit us over and over.