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Extensive mosaics of corn, potatoes and grains fields of Tungurahua draw part of this region, bathed by icy waters from the melting volcanoes and hot springs where beautiful spas are and relaxation centers are located.


Quito is only the beginning of a magical adventure. From the capital you can travel and meet the 4 worlds that Ecuador offers to you. Beaches on the coast, the mountains in the highlands, the biodiversity of the Amazon and the enchanted Galapagos Islands are waiting for you with open arms. Here you will learn to love life.


Cruise Train

Our exceptional train travels through beautiful landscapes from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. Crossing through natural attractions such as the Avenue of Volcanoes, Nariz del Diablo and the Cloud Forest, the transition between the coastal and mountain region.

Volcanoes Route

The Andes in Ecuador has an area of approximately 600 km in length; it has elevations ranging from the 1500 meters in the subtropical valleys to elevations that exceed the 5000 meters at the summits of the highest volcanoes.