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The Amazon is located in the eastern region, is one of the most wonderful reserves of biodiversity on the planet. It has a tropical forest, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls descending to the deep jungle, home to unique flora and fauna species.

Podocarpus Park

Podocarpus National Park is home of a large area of moorland, cloud forests and scrubland. It is considered a site of global importance for biodiversity conservation. Is considered one of the areas where most of the country‘s biodiversity due to their not-so-extreme cold, moisture, its microclimates and its geographic barriers.


Yasuní National Park

Yasuni is the largest protected area of the continental Ecuador and protects an impressive biodiversity in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. In addition Yasuni protects part of the territory of the Waorani, the Tagaeri and the Taromenane and other indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation.


Located in one of the curve of the Napo River, this reserve shares the name with the lagoon that protects and it is one of its main attractions. Limoncocha is home of an extraordinary flora and fauna, adapted to an environment in which interact with forest and rivers. In addition to wetland, swamp areas and tropical rainforests.